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Gathering, Organizing & Preserving Your Information

Senior Citizen Planner, LLC, Offers Individualized Information Management Services


Senior Citizen Planner, LLC, can help seniors, retirees, Baby Boomers and their supporting families, friends and neighbors with the often dense and time-consuming work of managing certain types of  information required to take care of issues concerning aging. The company enables the delegation of often complex processes to an information management expert, thus freeing up the senior and his or her supporting individuals from doing this.


Although it was formed well before the current Covid-19 pandemic, with its resulting additional administrative and informational management needs, Senior Citizen Planner's services can be helpful to people in many circumstances.  Meetings with clients and prospective clients can now be held upon a variety of online video meeting sites.

This business, based in New York City, has been formed in order to provide these information management services to Baby Boomers, retirees and seniors. These services include assessing their information needs and presenting an easy-to-follow systems for gathering, organizing, accessing and preserving all of the materials they will need to assist in their dealings with their family members, support services, vendors, caregivers and others. 

Some of these responsibilities can be dispatched with a computer and a web browser, while others are better handled with a pen, writing pad, file folders and cardboard boxes. This is all done in an effort to track, access and preserve all manner of important details, documents, organizations, contact information and due dates. 

Alan J. Rothman, the founder of the company, learned these skills both while helping his own mother in this regard for the past 15 years with her information, and while working for decades in three large law firms in New York and two legal non-profits as an information systems designer and manager. In effect, Senior Citizen Planner, LLC, is an adaptation of these business-level services for applications to individuals.

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