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Information Management Services for Clients

On a case-by-case individual basis, some clients will need only one or two sessions, following an initial free assessment, to get their information organized, while others may take more time and continue on an ongoing basis. 


Senior Citizen Planner, LLC, is able to organize, document, research and plan and implement the solutions listed below. However, this is not an  all-inclusive. Rather, this is a starting point as solutions can further be customized and developed in full alignment with the client’s individual requirements. ​


  • Conduct a needs assessment and any accompanying research for resources related to a client’s informational needs 

  • Recommend that clients should seek to speak with a legal, financial or accounting professional when needed.


  • Set up to do list-making for days, week and/or months. 

  • Create calendars of appointments, due dates for forms and updates, and establish a system of follow-up calls and email remainders. 

  • Compile contacts lists on smartphones and on paper.

  • Establish collections and folders of paper and electronic documents, services, appointments for easy access and storage.

  • Set up simple budgeting templates for weeks, months, quarters and/or years in order to asses and anticipate short, medium and long-term financial needs. 

  • Review and cull out older and inactive documents for disposal

Create a Backup Summary

  • Draft an overall summary of an individual's information management needs and requirements if the support person(s)  who normally do this become unavailable. Thus, someone else can step in an maintain continuity.


  • Educate clients, relatives, neighbors and local community groups on how to help  in keeping files organized, up to date and accessible.

  • Provide guidelines on how to make effective and productive calls to services and support providers. 

  • Review of basic computer and phone safety and security methods. 


  • Research an individual’s specific informational questions, and then formulate and implement solutions.

  •  Locate and contact community resources and assistance when needed. 

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