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About Alan J. Rothman

Founder of Senior Citizen Planner, LLC

Alan has a Juris Doctor degree from Emory University School of Law (1981) and a Master of Business Administration degree from New York University Stern School of Business (1978). He was the first regular technology columnist for The New York Law Journal in the early 1990’s, and was for many years a regular speaker and Continuing Legal Education instructor on law and technology at various professional legal organizations. He still maintains a blog on the latest trends and developments in a range of scientific and technological topic called The Subway Fold

Alan has spent most of his career at the intersection of law practice and computer technology as an information systems designer and builder at law firms, legal non-profits and a legal technology startup in New York. 

He has also been involved in several support groups for people with Type 1 diabetes. 


Alan and his mother have always taken a very business-like approach to managing her finances, medical care, government benefits, insurance policies, and dealings with other consumer services. This also includes following up on certain items with steadily recurring correspondence, calls, forms and purchases. Moreover, all of this activity is fully documented and filed for future reference and usage for other needs that may arise in the future. 

Along the way, Alan began to realize that he was often using the same project design, management and implementation processes that he had used in law firms to get tech projects built, rolled out, maintained and upgraded.

All of this accelerated in early 2019 when he and his mother  decided it was time to sell her apartment and move her to an assisted living facility. The amount of task coordination and information management required to get his successfully done was quite considerable. They treated all of our work as a team effort. 

To keep track of all of the million details involved, Alan began running all aspects in of the inherent projects in a spreadsheet. They even had daily status update calls. This went a long way towards getting projects and sub-projects done. This approach made all of the inherent complexity much more manageable. 

For years prior to these major changes, his mom kept saying that some of her friends did not have someone or, if they did the job was not entirely complete, to help manage all of this administration and the projects involved in their care and support. Her peers saw the need for some form of information manager who could organize, educate and assist them in working their way through these responsibilities. 

What Alan is doing now with Senior Citizen Planner is remixing and adapting his business and technology skills and experience towards assisting seniors and their circle of supporters with addressing and fulfilling their information responsibilities in a systematic way.​

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