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Non-Fiduciary Nature of the Business Relationship With Clients 

Senior Citizen Planner, LLC, and Alan Rothman do not intend to form any type of a legal, financial, accounting or any other fiduciary relationship with clients in order to provide professional advice. Rather, the company offers methods and structures for information gathering, processing, accessing and preserving that do not require any specific professional confidentiality or counseling. However, Alan can suggest when clients generally might need to see one or more of these professionals depending on their needs.


Any and all information managed by Senior Citizen Planner, LLC, will be kept completely in the strictest confidence. 

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Fees & Billing

The initial appointment and assessment of a client’s information management needs is free. 

Upon entering a written agreement, clients will be billed at a rate of 50.00, billed in 15-minute increments (12.50 for every 15 minutes). 

Invoices will be sent out on a monthly basis. Depending on the client’s individual needs and decisions to better and more systemically organize their information, only a single follow up visit or two might be needed. In other cases, more follow up visits and work might be needed. Again, this will be entirely the client’s own well-informed choice. 



Phone: 718-487-3792

Address: 7272 112th Street, Suite 6V, Forest Hills, NY 11375

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