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Presentation On Information & Document Management at An Assisted Living Facility

On Monday, January 13, 2020, I had the privilege of giving a 30-minute presentation to the residents and staff of an assisted living facility in the New York Metro area. I was very grateful for this opportunity and, based on the nature and depth of the insightful questions and feedback afterwards, that my talk seemed to have held the interest of the audience.

This event was intended to be an informal overview of a series of conventional wisdom-based suggestions to gather, organize and access the ever-growing quantities of information that most people face on a daily basis. This covered both paper and electronic formats, emphasizing the benefits of bringing more a orderly approach to files, forms, calls, correspondence and follow-ups. This was written and presented not as a speech about the virtues of computers and files folders, but rather, streamlining by apply some of these suggestions.

I emphasized that everyone has their own individual approach do doing this and, moreover, there was no right or wrong method. Rather, whatever works best for each of is is indeed the best system.

The following are the seven PowerPoint Slides I put together and used during my presentation:

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